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About Us

Ancient Way Healing is an energy healing service currently operating in Brisbane, Australia. We give in-person energy healing treatments from the Advanced Pranic Energy Healing Centre in Aspley and distant treatments for clients all over the world with tangible results.

Using Pranic Energy Healing techniques John Gray, founder of AWH, provides assistance for a variety of physical, psychological and spiritual ailments. So far we have successfully provided energy healing services to people in America, Canada and the United Kingdom!

To assist your day to day life Ancient Way Healing also has a range of Pranic Products designed to boost, protect and improve your energetic, physical and emotional health.

About John

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"Specialising in work for anxiety, depression, ptsd, trauma, stress, grief, irrational thoughts, irritability, relationship breakdown, addiction and ailments related to emotional upheaval. John Gray is a highly sought after energy healer & highly trained in the field of Pranic Energy Healing."  - Advanced Pranic Energy Healing Centre, Aspley

A tertiary student of Grand Master of Pranic Energy Healing, Dr. George Dangel, John has a wealth of knowledge and experience in healing ailments of all kinds using powerful Pranic Energy Healing techniques. John also specialises in psychic defense, entity removal and is a powerful healer on all levels.

John is the primary healer at the Advanced Pranic Energy Healing Centre in Aspley where he trains new practitioners, gives one-on-one healing sessions, clears land and property, programs crystals and other sacred objects for divine protection

An avid reader and dedicated practitioner John has seen amazing benefits in his own life through Pranic Healing. 

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