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Ancient Way Healing is a five-star energy healing service based in Brisbane, offering Pranic Energy healing treatments and products.

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Pranic Energy Healing

Pranic Energy Healing is a natural, holistic touch-free healing modality used to increase vitality and quality of life as well as to alleviate pain, chronic and acute illnesses. These methods are used to increase positive well-being in the individual, enhance the Divine energy flow in your physical environment and to treat difficult relationships in your life.

After a treatment you can experience feelings of:
Deep Rest and Relaxation

Inner Vitality


Relief from Chronic and Acute Illnesses

Emotional Balance

Energetic Alignment

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"I'm already amazed at the results"

Hi John,
Just want to say thanks again for taking time out of your day to help give me a spiritual cleanse, so to speak I feel great!


I honestly can't believe how much of a difference its made and how reaffirming I found your analysis. I know I have a bit of work to do myself but I'm already amazed by the results. Makes me wonder about our current healthcare system lol.

Anyways mate, just wanna say thanks again and keep up the great work.


Kind regards, Paddy

"I was in so much pain..."

A very BIG thank you to John Gray for the session provided to 'save my tooth'.

 I was in so much pain, I was ready to run to the dentist and have it removed (root canal)... but something made me remember that not all is lost.

Whilst the medical and dental clinics have their place, I realised that there are other avenues that work.


Yes we really can heal ourselves and others. I am so grateful to John for his loving pranic touch... I now still have my tooth!

- Foxie K

"I always feel better"

I have had many healings from John for different concerns I have had.


I find that every time I get one, I always feel better and more aligned to my needs.


As a full-time energy worker myself I am fussy about who I ask for help. John is always at the top of my list!!


He is helpful, caring, compassionate and very thorough with all the work he does. I highly recommend John, he stands out as 1 of the best healers i have ever seen.


- David M John

"An amazing experience"

I always leave John's treatments feeling deeply relaxed. 

I can feel the energies moving through my body which is an amazing experience.

I've had distance healings from John as well which helped my migraines and I know I can always call him for assistance in an emergency. 

I completed the Ancient Way Healing Pranic Healing Cert 1 course taught by John in Aspley, he makes a great teacher due his grounded and supportive energy.

- Josie K