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Pranic Energy Healing Services

Pranic Energy Healing treatments remove the blockages from your energy systems.
We put fresh, clean energy in to give your system the energy for healing to take place.

We are here to help you navigate this process to the best of our ability, if you are a prospective, new or returning customer and you have any questions regarding our services please do not hesitate to contact us!

Pranic Energy Healing Treatments

Pranic Energy Healing is a highly evolved system of energy medicine developed by Mahatma Choa Kok Sui that utilises Prana (or Life Energy) to balance, harmonise and transform the body's energy processes.


Pranic Energy Healing is a simple, yet powerful and effective system of no-touch energy healing where the energy within the body is cleansed, increased and balanced. During a treatment a healer cleanses the clients energy body of any built up dirty or diseased energy and replaces it with fresh Pranic Energy or Life Energy so that healing can take place.

Cords and attachments to others that are affecting us in a negative way are also removed, negative energies and entities are removed, and the chakra and meridian systems are cleansed and harmonised. By doing this physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances may be healed in a profound way.


Book your session:

Initial Treatment Session
In-Clinic Personal Treatment (1-hour) $150

Distant Treatment (1-hour) $150 via Telehealth

Relationship Healing (1.5-hours) $190

Business Healing (1-hour) $180
Land Clearing (1-hour) $180

It is important to read our FAQ's page approximately 24 hours prior to your treatment session in order to become familiar with our 'best practices', this will ensure you receive the most out of your treatment.

Discounts Available

Use the coupon WELCOME20 to save 20% OFF your first online booking.

(To redeem this offer select 'Initial Treatment' and the use the coupon at the check out page)


Gift cards available.

We recommend reading our FAQ's page before your booking and while you wait to receive your treatment we invite you to make use of our free sound healings on YouTube and the products in our online shop

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