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Blue Quartz Super Cleansing Crystal
  • Blue Quartz Super Cleansing Crystal

    Blue Quartz Super Cleanser crystal

    This new programmed blue quartz crystal is the first of its kind and is a fantastic addition to any home. It has been programmed, energized and blessed to cleanse the home or office, unlike previous crystals which would emanate energy to disintegrate unwanted emotions, energies, and thoughts, this specially programmed crystal absorbs and neutralizes the energies.


    This crystal will never become full, as long as the crystal is clean, it will be working.


    It automatically extracts negative energies from wherever it is placed similar to a whirlpool.


    Clear the negativity from your house, office, kids’ room, living room, laundry, its potential is endless.


    Keep it in your purse to eliminate poverty thoughts and energies, put it at the front door to absorb the nasties before they come in. Have a spare bedroom? Put in this crystal to keep it clean and to avoid uninvited guests.


    Why not try it today?