Consecrated Salt 1KG
  • Consecrated Salt 1KG

    Ancient Way Healing presents: Consecrated Salt!

    This super fine grade salt is a perfect addition to your bathroom. This salt has been blessed and energised with divine energy which is perfect for nurturing the physical and energy body. 

    Salt is an incredibly important tool for cleansing dirty energy.

    The normal cleansing abilities of salt are increased a thousand-fold when consecrated, to learn more about salt and how best to use it we encourage you to also purchase our Guide to Salt E-Book.  For easy use however, use 1KG per full bath to completely eradicate your body of unwanted/unhealthy energies. 

    For energy healers who are seeing many clients we recommend at least one bath every four days. Otherwise a consecrated salt bath once a week or fortnight will help you maintain a healthy energy balance. 


    Due to the current global situation please be advised that for some overseas orders shipping may take longer than usual. Thank you.

    Please note that this salt is not intended for cooking purposes as it is not food grade.