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Moss Agate Shielding Crystal
  • Moss Agate Shielding Crystal

    This crystal has been specifically programmed to create a strong barrier of protection around all who wear it. It has gone through a specialized cleansing and energizing program formulated and enhanced by Master George Dangel. Using his specialized Radionics equipment each crystal is programmed and energized to perfection.

    This multi-leveled shield crystal is the perfect assistant to all those in fields of work that are
    susceptible to energy contamination. Hospitality and care workers will especially get benefit from wearing this crystal as energy contamination is frequent in these fields.

    Do you get irritated at work? Feel worse being at work than you should? Come home irritable from dealing with other people’s energy all day?

    This crystal may be your answer!

    How shielded will I be?
    This crystal contains 7 forms of shields-
    Etheric body shield
    Emotional body Shield
    Mental body Shield
    Spiritual body shield
    Golden egg shield
    Invisibility shield
    Magic Circle shield


    Many people have seen immediate shifts in their energy just by putting it on, give it a try today.

    What happens if I don’t notice a difference?
    You may send it back for a full refund.


    Crystals have the amazing ability to absorb and hold energy, this ability can be utilized by energy healers to facilitate healing in their clients, pets, land and objects.

    Crystals being energised with energy naturally radiate whatever they are impregnated with, what if we were to energise them with a shield?