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Somos un servicio de sanación energética que opera actualmente en Brisbane, Australia. Ancient Way Healing ofrece tratamientos curativos energéticos en persona a personas que viven en el área de Brisbane y tratamientos a distancia para clientes de todo el mundo con resultados tangibles.

Utilizando técnicas avanzadas certificadas de sanación de energía pránica, nuestros sanadores profesionales brindan asistencia a distancia para una variedad de dolencias físicas, psicológicas y espirituales. ¡Hasta ahora hemos proporcionado con éxito servicios de curación energética a personas en Estados Unidos, Canadá y el Reino Unido!

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Meet John Gray

John Gray Ancient Way Healing

John started his journey in 2008 when he met his first spiritual mentor Medical Qigong Master Ming Kit Klotz Kwan, Ming is a fantastic practitioner of the healing arts and taught John many valuable lessons. Ming would often refer to an energy healing book titled “Advanced Pranic Healing” by Master Choa Kok Sui which intrigued him. John took the three courses Ming was teaching and inspired him to pursue his spiritual path.   


In 2012 John felt the need to expand his spiritual knowledge and enrolled into three courses of Pranic Energy Healing in Brisbane where he met his second spiritual mentor Paul Wood. This led to a massive shift in John’s life.

After having a taste of the spiritual path John left his hometown to seek wisdom in Chenrezig Buddhist Monastery located on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Soon after arrival he saw a familiar face, Paul Wood was a manager there at that time. An unseen force led him where he needed to be. For the next four years he delved into spiritual teachings, healing practices and took further courses in Pranic Energy Healing taught by Paul and other dedicated practitioners.

In Mid 2015 Paul recommended to seek the training of Master George Dangel as he was a profound healer and a “teacher par excellence”. After many phone calls and much grovelling Master George finally agreed to train John in the sacred art of healing.

In 2016 after weekly training with Master George John felt he needed to commit more time as he had come to realise that this is what he wanted to pursue. Soon after, he moved out of the Buddhist Monastery to Brisbane where he could learn Pranic Energy Healing every day. John excelled in all areas of energy healing and gained the approval of Master George.


After not too long John also became his gardener and household handyman. John admired Master George and wanted to spend as much time as possible with him to learn as much as he could. After much training with Master George, John was presented with a Certified Pranic Healer Certificate and not long after with a Senior Certified Pranic Healer Certificate.


On the 24th of September 2017 Master George left his physical body and is deeply missed by his wife, loved ones, and his dedicated students.


John is continuing the work of his beloved teacher and following the guidance of his mentors in all areas of his life.

"Specialising in work for anxiety, depression, ptsd, trauma, stress, grief, irrational thoughts, irritability, relationship breakdown, addiction and ailments related to emotional upheaval. John Gray is a highly sought after energy healer & highly trained in the field of Pranic Energy Healing."  
- Advanced Pranic Energy Healing Centre, Aspley



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