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Our Services

Applicable for the treatment of specific, long-term chronic and acute ailments including but not limited to: respiratory diseases, arthritis, diabetes, endometriosis, spinal ailments of all kinds, parasites and infections, immune system disorders, digestive function, hormonal imbalances and pelvic disorders as well as mental and emotional health and much more...

Initial:    $180.00

60-mins:    $150.00

Concession:  $120.00
Pets/Animals:  $110.00

Relationship:  $170.00

Suitable for the alignment of energies within the body, providing the individual with feelings of peace, ease and lightness. Creating balance within the energy systems and promoting deep relaxation this form of treatment enhances wellbeing in healthy individuals.

Not for the treatment of specific ailments.

40-min: $65.00
60-mins: $110.00

There are multiple factors contributing to the success and financial health of any business. This service effectively raises the energetic vibration of your business and its premises, eradicating any blockages and energies not in alignment with abundance and success. Particularly potent for businesses such as yoga studios, allied health providers, store-holders and spas or gyms. 

60-mins:   $170.00

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