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Ancient Way Healing is a five-star energy healing service based in Brisbane, offering Pranic Energy healing treatments and products.

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Pranic Energy Healing

Pranic Energy Healing is a natural, holistic touch-free healing modality used to increase vitality and quality of life as well as to alleviate pain, chronic and acute illnesses. These methods are used to increase positive well-being in the individual, enhance the Divine energy flow in your physical environment and to treat difficult relationships in your life.

After a treatment you can experience feelings of:
Deep Rest and Relaxation

Inner Vitality


Relief from Chronic and Acute Illnesses

Emotional Balance

Energetic Alignment

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"I immediately improved"

I have had one treatment with John and I immediately improved.  Such an amazing result when all else had failed.


After such an incredible result, I decided to see if John could help my cat who suffers with pain from a fractured back and was blown away when I could no longer feel the zigzag fracture after the treatment.

- Julie Brooks

"... a patient and kind teacher"

To learn and understand the power of energy and the sacredness of it in order to support and heal is amazing. John is a patient and kind teacher who is open and willing to answer all of the questions that I had (and there were a lot)!


I highly recommend this course for anyone who has an interest in healing themselves or others and wants to learn from an experiences and masterful teacher.

- Carlie Dole

"...still feeling 100%"

John worked his magic ancient way healing on me i had been dealing with the effects of long covid for many months once i had finished our healing session my headaches and body fatigued had passed


2 weeks on and still feeling 100% can not highly recommend John enough...

- Jason Mehrtens

"... he really helps"

I had a distance session with John and the results were immediate.


Symptoms I'd had for years were gone and the calmness I felt was incredible.


Highly recommend John, he really helps and is such a kind human.

- Keira Eades