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Alleviate stress, boost mental clarity, and find balance with Ancient Way Healing.

Established in 2016, Ancient Way Healing is a premier energy healing service based in Aspley, Brisbane.
Our treatments are carried out by Senior Certified Pranic Energy Practitioner John Gray, with over a decade of professional healing experience.

All of our services are available remotely via Telehealth, nationally and internationally.
In person treatments currently available from 10 Hillrise Street in Aspley, Brisbane.

What is Pranic Energy Healing?

Pranic Energy Healing is a natural, holistic and touch-free healing modality which integrates ancient esoteric healing practices with western medicine's understanding of the anatomy and structures of the body. This approach is used to increase vitality and quality of life as well as to alleviate pain, chronic and acute illnesses. 

Our services increase positive well-being in the individual, enhance the Divine energy flow in your physical environment and treat difficult relationships in your life.

Learn more about the intricacies of Pranic Energy Healing via our FAQ's Page.

Feel Your Best

We see the power of energy healing to reduce stress, improve mental clarity and bring peace to our clients all over the world.
With Ancient Way Healing, you can experience the healing energy of Pranic Energy Healing in the comfort of your own home via Telehealth. We look forward to helping you reach your highest potential and heal your body, mind and heart.

During & after a treatment you can experience feelings of: 


Deep Rest and Relaxation    ✅ Inner Vitality      ✅ Lightness and Floating

✅ Relief from Chronic and Acute Illnesses     Emotional Balance

Energetic Alignment     ✅Peacefulness

John is currently successfully treating clients from all over the world, no distance is too great - enquire today!

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    1 hr 30 min

    180 Australian dollars
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  • Heal Fractured, Damaged and Estranged Relationships

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    190 Australian dollars

Seeking a swift and potent method to facilitate your body's healing journey? Look no further!


Our Energy Healing solution offers a rapid pathway to unblocking and reharmonizing your energy system, fostering enhanced well-being. Pranic Energy Healing integrates Chakra Clearing, Spiritual Healing, Emotional Clearing, and Balancing techniques to invigorate both the Energy Body and the Physical Body. Without any physical contact, our treatments effectively dissolve energy blockages, infusing your system with revitalizing energy conducive to healing.


Hear from our customers about their experience.


"I immediately improved"

I have had one treatment with John and I immediately improved.  Such an amazing result when all else had failed.


After such an incredible result, I decided to see if John could help my cat who suffers with pain from a fractured back and was blown away when I could no longer feel the zigzag fracture after the treatment.

- Julie Brooks

"...a patient and kind teacher"

To learn and understand the power of energy and the sacredness of it in order to support and heal is amazing. John is a patient and kind teacher who is open and willing to answer all of the questions that I had (and there were a lot)!


I highly recommend this course for anyone who has an interest in healing themselves or others and wants to learn from an experiences and masterful teacher.

- Carlie Dole

"...still feeling 100%"

John worked his magic ancient way healing on me i had been dealing with the effects of long covid for many months once i had finished our healing session my headaches and body fatigued had passed


2 weeks on and still feeling 100% can not highly recommend John enough...

- Jason Mehrtens

"... he really helps"

I had a distance session with John and the results were immediate.


Symptoms I'd had for years were gone and the calmness I felt was incredible.


Highly recommend John, he really helps and is such a kind human.

- Keira Eades

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