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"John has helped me to recover from several injuries sustained through sport and exercise. Would recommend to anyone with severe or persistent pain or anyone considering cortisone injections as a method of healing.

Great at what he does!"

 - Angel Rushton

- Thea Aquilina

"The distance session I had with him [John] after this was so thorough and powerful yet somehow subtle at the same time. I experienced a dramatic shift back to myself, free from the issues that had been troubling me. It created a great sense of ease, expansion and freedom in my being.

I’m most grateful and would highly recommend his services!"

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Happy Woman

- Carla Hearn

"I had the privilege to learn from John and also got a treatment for a friend.

His loving kindness, knowledge, wisdom, intuition, and his skills in pranic healing that he has finely tuned is outstanding! it was such a joy and pleasure to learn from John and witness his healing!


Thank you so much!"

- Josie King

I genuinely swear by John and the work he does.

As someone who has known John for nearly a decade, I can absolutely testify to the power of Pranic Energy Healing. It has changed his life and through him, the lives others.


John's manner is respectful, grounded and very calming. He has a wealth of knowledge and his compassion is completely genuine.

He's the real deal.


Happy Woman

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