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NEW CUSTOMERS PLEASE DOWNLOAD OUR POST-TREATMENT PROTOCOL USING THE DOCUMENT LINK PROVIDED. Following these protocols will mean that you will get the most benefit from your treatment. We have included our Forgiveness Practice below as HIGHLY recommended for your spiritual and emotional wellbeing (and a free download as well).


Pranic Energy Healing is a specific healing modality which works best in conjunction with a holistically healthy life-style. Listed below are our most Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ's, if you have a question that hasn't been answered yet please contact John directly to learn more!

If you want to access in-depth, practical information about Pranic Energy Healing we have regular courses available for those who want to become certified practitioners and start to heal themselves, their loved ones and clients using the amazing techniques of Pranic Energy Healing.

What Is Pranic Energy Healing?

Pranic Energy Healing is the art of utilizing naturally occurring environmental energy to create a positive change within the intended patient or subject. It is a multifaceted healing modality which can see the successful treatment of most ailments. It can also be used to treat people & pets, cleanse houses and consecrate objects and much much more.

Prana is the subtle energy within and interpenetrating the seen and unseen worlds. It is this energy that keeps the physical body alive and healthy.

Pranic Energy Healing utilizes the energy emanating from the sun, the air and the earth to correct any imbalances creating pain or illness within the patient.

How does it work?

Pranic Energy Healing utilizes Energy Vortices within the aura to clean, energize and harmonize different parts of the body. As each energy center (energy vortex) governs different areas of the body, we can work on the affected part and the governing Energy Centre to affectively treat the ailment usually with rapid results.

There is no physical contact with the patient as we are working on the energy body directly.

Pranic Energy Healing assists with the body’s own ability to heal, it increases the body’s rate of healing by many times.

What can Pranic Energy Healing do?

With Pranic Energy Healing we can treat most ailments successfully ranging from physical ailments, emotional ailments and mental ailments.


Pranic Energy has been used successfully to treat sports injuries, fertility concerns, back injuries, long term physical ailments, viruses, diseases and most forms of physical sicknesses.

Mental and emotional-

Pranic energy has its own form of psychotherapy treating the emotions and the thoughts themselves. These are seen as energy formations that can be removed and eliminated. Many physical ailments within the body usually have an underlying emotional cause as stress and many similar emotions weaken the immune system and increase susceptibility to illness.

What do I need to know before my session?

​​Before your Treatment:

  1. We recommend that you take a shower this will also help trigger your body to start relaxing and also as no bathing is advised for 24 hours after your treatment (see post-treatment protocols for more information).

  2. Do not consume meat and unhealthy foods such as take-away and junk food. Why? Because these foods will cause the body to work hard to digest down the consumed flesh and other toxins, diverting energy from the healing process. Pork and fish without scales are most specifically not permitted are quite etherically dirty and will undermine the treatment performed.

  3. Before your treatment consumption of alcohol, elicit drugs, and any beverage that contains caffeine is also forbidden. Why? The same reason as above.

At the Clinic/during your Treatment:

  1. Please maintain an open and relaxed bodily posture at all times (crossing of legs or arms blocks is not advised as it blocks off your energy).

  2. Please remove all jewlery and metal objects from your person

  3. Please wear comfortable clothing so that you can relax easily

  4. Please make sure that you will not be interrupted during your session, ensuring that all devices are turned off and out of reach will help with that. If you are receiving your treatment from the comfort of your own home please inform your housemates and request that they respect your space until your treatment is complete. 

After your Treatment:

  1. Patients that have received Pranic Energy Healing must not bathe, swim, or have a shower for 24 hours after treatment. Why? Because most of the prana that has been energised onto a person's body will wash off - that defeats the purpose of the healing.

  2. Where possible avoid situations and environments that are energetically negative and may impact on your ability to continue processing and absorbing the healing energies.

  3. Please continue to abstain from meat, junk food, caffeine, alcohol and all other mind altering substances for at least 24 hours after your treatment. This will further help your healing process and make the most from your treatment.

  4. In addition to abstaining from harmful foods and substances we recommend replenishing your body with plenty of water and fresh foods. Healing is a holistic process and you will find that you benefit far more from your treatments if you follow all of the suggestions above.​


Can I Keep Taking my Prescription Medications?

Yes, in fact we recommend that you continue to follow the directions of your GP and any other medical specialists that you have been working with while also receiving Pranic Energy Healing. Our treatments are specifically designed to compliment Western medicine and speed up the natural healing processes of the body, not to replace them.

Although we do not recommend stopping medical treatment, we do recommend that you only pursue energy healing through one practitioner. While receiving pranic healing treatment from us please refrain from receiving energy healing treatments elsewhere. Why? This is because the treatments may interfere with one other making them less effective or possibly causing symptoms to worsen through over-energisation.

When will I be Healed?

How long will my session take?

A Pranic Energy Healing session may take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour, according to the type and severity of illness you suffer. The charges for treatment are the same.

How long will it take for me to heal?

Most illnesses have to be treated at least three times in a week. For serious illnesses and diseases it is recommended that you receive the tri-weekly treatments for up to 6 weeks.

Why do some people heal quicker than others?

It depends on several factors including: the type and severity of the illness, the age of the patient, physical condition of the patient and how long the illness has been at play. The healer has nothing to do with time spent treating the illness, e.g. if a person heals in three days, another person with a similar illness might take ten days.

Please be aware that even through pranic energy healing is a great modality, it does not replace conventional medicine. It is rather to complement not replace the medical practice.

It didn't work yet, do I need a different healer?

The speed and efficiency of your healing will not depend on the healer you choose but on several personal factors such as your overall physical and psychological health, what you are consuming on a regular basis and other environmental factors. 


It is common to blame the healer or doctor when your healing is slow however it rarely has anything to do with the healer themselves. The healer treating you is only a vessel for divine energy; the healer takes out diseased energy and replaces it with positive, healing energy -- how your body and energetic bodies assimilate this can often inhibited due to mental blocks such as mistrust, impatience, unrealistic expectations, negative thought processes, self-doubt, low self-worth and numerous other ways in which we block our own progress.

You will receive more benefit by sticking with one energetic healing treatment program at a time, this  allows you to build a trusting and receptive relationship with the healer so that as time goes on you are able to open yourself up to receive the maximum healing possible as your comfort and relaxation increases. It also gives the healer the full amount of time needed to help you heal.


For this reason we recommend that instead of 'healer shopping' that you are patient, stick with or commit to just one method of energetic healing (whatever that may be). You have been drawn to Pranic Healing for a reason and we recommend trusting this magnetism as a sign that are doing what is right for your soul journey.

Why do some people not heal?

There are many reasons,

  1. The patient may be attached to the ailment and using it as a coping mechanism.

  2. The patient may have built up negative karma that is not allowing the ailment to heal until they have learned certain life lessons (forgiveness of others and self, asking for forgiveness and tithing 10% are remedies).

  3. The patient's bodily requirements are not being met and the body is not receiving enough nutrition, hydration, exercise and rest needed for adequate healing and recovery.

  4. The rate of healing deteriorates as a person gets older and if the patient is well aged, they may have reached a point that it is not physically possible to recover.

What is object consecration?

John has done extensive training in the impregnation and cleansing of objects with divine energy.

These objects can include crystals, liquids, salt, audio recordings and sacred objects of all kinds.


Through studying Christian exorcism John has modified the techniques that are used in Christian blessings to impregnate crucifixes and medallions with divine energy, to be used as protective amulets. The divine energy infused into each object creates an aura which increases the strength, protection and durability of the owners aura.

Also, these medallions and sacred objects can be impregnated with a specific purpose, such as to attract love, prosperity, and happiness and to ward off the opposite.

What is land and house clearing?

The ground beneath you holds the residual energy from all happenings that have taken place on that land. During humanity's brief history we have endured natural disasters, famines and disease as well as our own numerous atrocities.

These residual energies from past events and those from more recent times influence us in our day to day lives in different ways. When we inhabit one of these spaces without the proper shielding or psychic protection we become susceptible to taking on the living energies that have been cultivated within that space. It then becomes possible that these influences will effect us, especially if we have a vulnerability that is aligned to that energy (e.g. a person recovering from addiction may become irritable, frustrated, stressed or overcome with desires to use after entering a space in which substance abuse has frequently occurred).

It is important to understand Land and House clearing as it allows us to transform the places we spend the most time from possibly harming us to being a conducive space for our healing and growth.

What is Pranic Energy Advanced Clearing?

Pranic Energy Advanced Clearing is the ultimate energy clearing treatment. This highly advanced clearing technique uses potent energy to seek and paralyse any and all negative forms; removing them completely from the persons being. This technique also addresses the less obvious obstacles to life and removes them discretely from the aura.

Pranic Energy Advanced Clearing works for multiple psychic ailments, including but not limited to:

  • Curses

  • Black Magic

  • Psychic Attack

  • Portals

  • Entity Entry Points

  • Oaths and Vows

  • Etheric Cords

  • Soul Ties

  • Implants

  • Strongholds

  • Soul Fragmentation

  • Disassociation

  • Hereditary Transference

  • Blocks and limitations

  • Advanced Shielding

The Pranic Energy Advanced Clearing is one of very few ultimate Pranic energy exorcism techniques to remove entities, phantoms, beings, elementals and negative thought forms easily out of the patient’s energy body. Pranic Energy Advanced Clearing utilises an amalgamation of all the major techniques (listed above) in order to completely alleviate psychic ailments within an individual. 

Due to the careful design of this treatment there should not be any manifestation of any entities keeping the persons dignity intact. This technique has been developed to it's pinnacle form to safely abolish ALL negative spirits from within the individual and while also shielding and protecting from reoccurences.

The patient must want to get well and make the changes needed to see progress in the future, failure to change will inevitably reinfect the individual.

What are Elementals?

Elementals are naturally occurring and evolving beings in the environment which can be best described as the germs, viruses and parasites of the energetic world. 

Over time as the world has become more industrial, stressed and fearful, the environment has caused Elementals to form and feed on these energies as their primary food source. Just as mosquitoes need blood and will follow a trail of carbon dioxide to find its host and feed, likewise these beings follow the hidden trails of stress, anxiety, and fear.


Some Elementals have evolved to farm stress and anxiety within their host, causing more stressful situations and inflammatory relationships to maintain its survival in the energy body through consistent production of negative energies.

It is not uncommon for people to become host to hundreds of Elementals and more if psychological problems and active addictions are present.

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