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quartz crystal necklace front view
  • Clear Quartz Disc | Crystal Shielding Pendant

    Do you feel tired quickly in social settings?
    Are you an incredibly sensitive person or empath?


    This quartz crystal shield has been divinely programmed with protective shielding by a highly certified energy healing professional using state of the art electromagnetic technologies. 

    Protect your energy from negative influences. Wearing this pendant will stop others from draining your energy. You will stop taking on the energy of others, vital for care workers and those who practice energy healing of any kind. 

    This program is self-perpetuating and will not decline over time, wear it every day and it keep it close to you for full benefits. Tangible effects can be felt immeditately by people with energetic sensitivity. 

    'I can actually feel how powerful the program is. It's insane!' Josie, Brisbane.

    Notice the difference in your social anxiety over time as you no longer need to fear the negative energies of others. You are divinely protected when wearing this crystal for the rest of your life!

    Cleanse regularly overnight with salt water to maintain energetic hygiene.

    (Please note you are purchasing the pendant only, necklace not included). 

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