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Sound Healing for Acne
  • Sound Healing for Acne

    Ancient Way Healing Presents: Sound Healing for Pimples


    This Pimple treatment is effective in removing and easing the manifestation of pimples.


    Relax and listen as the pimples melt away. This audio treatment works on pimples not only on the face but also on the chest, back and on other prime spots.


    This audio healing works to unblock sweat glands, hair follicles and helps to regulate gland secretions and aids in eliminating the inflammation in them.

    Sound healing for pimples also addresses the immune system and helping to boost it to fight inflammation, the bacteria causing the pimples.

    Listen to this audio three times a week for best effects for as long as needed. It may take a week or more to see definite results. This healing audio works best when played through speakers, headphones will weaken efficiency.

    Created by John Gray of Ancient Way Healing.
    Contributing Artist: Calm Tunes

    • Disclaimer

      Disclaimer: This recorded sound healing treatment is not a replacement for professional medical help, for severe ailments please contact the relevant medical service. Ancient Way Healing accepts no liability or responsibility for the actions of our listeners/customers.

      If you are experiencing severe psychological distress please contact Lifeline on 13 11 11. Help is awaiting your call. God Bless.

    • Copyright

      Copyright: This digital audio file is subject to copyright law, sold for individual use only. Do not reproduce without the express permission of Ancient Way Healing. ©2021 Ancient Way Healing. All rights reserved. Created by John Gray.

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