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Sound Healing for Cord Cutting
  • Sound Healing for Cord Cutting

    Ancient Way Healing Presents: Sound Healing for Cord Cutting


    This sound audio healing cuts all etheric cords and ties that may be weighing us down.

    If you are feeling Exhausted and tired, getting irritated at minor things, it may be an indication that you have cords attached.

    Cords are a major contributing factor to feeling run down as they connect you to other people, places and objects which may have a detrimental effect on your energy body.Supermarkets and other busy locations are a major contributor to energy attachments or cords.

    This audio healing:

    *Cuts and severs all cords and ties causing mental, emotional and spiritual problems.

    * Severs ties to past relationships

    * Cuts cords from work and all person who you may or may not have seen.

    Listen to this audio when needed to remove all unneeded cords and attachments. 

    This healing audio works best when played through speakers, headphones will weaken efficiency.

    Created by John Gray of Ancient Way Healing.
    Contributing Artist: Calm Tunes