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Sound Healing for Enhancing Conception
  • Sound Healing for Enhancing Conception

    Ancient Way Healing Presents: Sound Healing for Enhancing Conception


    This multileveled treatment not only works on the symptoms but also the causes.

    This audio healing treats the hidden causes to these issues and promotes the healing and normalisation of the healthy sexual and reproductive functions. This audio assists to boost fertility in the Mum to be and also boosts sperm strength and virility in the dad to be. The dad to be does not need to be present to receive benefit from the audio healing but being present will boost potency of the treatment.


    This treatment is designed to address and treat-

    • Parasites, Viruses and funguses which are affecting fertility
    • Increasing immune & defence especially in the sexual organs
    • Removing Traumatic energy from the sexual organs
    • Enhancing fertility


    Listen to this audio three times a week for best effects for as long as needed. It may take a week or more to see definite results. This healing audio works best when played through speakers, headphones will weaken efficiency.

    Created by John Gray of Ancient Way Healing.
    Contributing Artist: Calm Tunes