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Sound Healing for Period Pain
  • Sound Healing for Period Pain

    Ancient Way Healing Presents: Sound Healing for Period Pain


    Period pain is a thing of the past with this audio healing. This audio helps to irradicate pain as well as some of the main contributing factors including parasites and inflammation.


    This sound healing cleanses the ovaries, uterus and entire sexual organ to eradicate pain and bring relief to that time of the month. This audio also boosts immune and defence for general wellness.


    This treatment consists of-

    *General cleanup of the energy body

    *Cleansing the spine

    *Cleansing of the meridians

    *Blessings to boost energy healing and physical healing

    *The energy Treatment for Period Pain

    *A general Healing for all ailments throughout entire audio


    Listen to this audio as required. This healing audio works best when played through speakers, headphones will weaken efficiency.

    Created by John Gray of Ancient Way Healing.
    Contributing Artist: Calm Tunes