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Sound Healing for Purifying the Blood
  • Sound Healing for Purifying the Blood

    Ancient Way Healing Presents: Sound Healing for Purifying the Blood


    The blood has a super important job, it is the delivery service for oxygen and nutrients within the body, without proper function the body suffers severely.


    This specialised treatment cleans and energises the lungs, and the spleen of which both organs are exposed to high blood flow. Through these organs and their relative chakras, this treatment cleans and energises the blood invigorating it with vitality and clean energy. Also it creates an oxygen rich blood that helps with detoxification and proper cell function.


    This in turn carries the energy to every cell of the body creating health and wellbeing. This treatment strengthens the blood, the organs and vitalises the entire body. Try it out for yourself.


    It is perfect for those wanting a boost, also hastening the healing of blood ailments.


    Listen to this audio three times a week for best effects for as long as needed. It may take a week or more to see definite results. This healing audio works best when played through speakers, headphones will weaken efficiency.

    Created by John Gray of Ancient Way Healing.
    Contributing Artist: Calm Tunes