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Sound Healing Divine Water Blessing
  • Sound Healing Divine Water Blessing

    Ancient Way Healing Presents: Sound Healing Divine Water Blessing

    This sound healing treatment completely clears all still water within the range of the sound produced (for best effects play through speakers). The sound produced by this audio removes all uncleanliness from the water and infuses it with Divine energy. This essentially gives the water a medicinal quality that heals illnesses.

    Playing this audio impregnates all water in hearing range with Divine Love.

    This audio is best used for preparing water dispensers of any kind, play after running a bath or preparing a spa. This treatment is ideal for still water such as ponds, baths, drinking water and fish tanks or fountains. There is little to no point in using this for freely running water as the energy is quickly carried away.

    This audio treatment can be used as often as you like!