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Land, Business & Property Clearing

Available remotely World-wide, for more info contact us directly.

Service Description

Every culture in the world has techniques to cleanse land, houses and temples and sacred spaces. These different cultures have founded these techniques out of necessity usually as the areas in question have become polluted and has become a hindrance to their general well-being or is counterproductive to the desired outcome. Buildings, land and objects hold the imprints of those who interacted with them, this is called an impression or impregnation. If the interaction is negative such as a burst of anger, violence, hatred etc. it leaves these impregnations in the structure of the house and land which can negatively affect any future occupiers. The impregnations can also be beneficial such as impregnation of joy, love, happiness or as holy relics the imprints of divine energy or devotion. These impregnations slowly penetrate into their energy body and start to affect the chakras to mold the occupier into similar states as the creator of the impregnations. Negative impregnations can be an attractor for malicious energy beings sometimes causing an escalation of negativity in a premises. These being usually create nightmares, hauntings, turmoil, arguments, poverty and much more. This is usually progressive over a long period of time until the occupiers move or are overcome. This all depends on the degree of willpower of the occupier and their spiritual evolution. What can you do to avoid this? Pranic Energy Land/House Clearing Utilizing powerful techniques from: *Pranic Energy Healing *Christian Exorcism *Taoist Exorcism *Mystic Christianity Ancient Way Healing has created a clearing protocol that will significantly improve a negatively affected environment clearing any detrimental energy and beings leaving the premises feeling fresh, lighter, calmer and more loving and inviting. What if there is no change? Evaluate your life Are you holding on to anger? Are you holding on to hatred? Is there habits that don’t serve your highest good? Are you holding on to resentment? Are you slandering those around you? Are you belittling those around you? Have you got unresolved traumas? All of these have very taxing affects on the energy body and eventually the physical body. Eliminating these vices, negative traits and traumas from the energy system is vital for harmony within yourself and the environment that you yourself are creating.

  • 1 h
  • 180 Australian dollars
  • Hillrise Street

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or change your booking please contact us within 24 hours of your appointment to avoid being charged booking fees.

Contact Details

  • 10 Hillrise Street, Aspley QLD, Australia

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